A little Frustrated

08 Apr

Not a big deal.  When ever I start something new I get a little frustrated.  Why?  Well mainly because I’m doing something I’ve never done before.  This Blog is a big example of that.  I have no idea how profiles are made and i have no idea who most the people who are reading this are.  I would like to make the profile from scratch but I know nothing about PHP.   This blog is how I’m going to try and teach myself PHP.   So over the next two days you will see certain aspects of this blog change.  I’m going to do the easy changes.  It will be simple-background image, header image, etc etc.  I know CSS so that will be the next thing i’ll be working on but I checked the CSS File for the current Theme i have which is the one WordPress selected for me.  It has over 1350 lines of code to go through.  I have no idea what parts of my blog are connected to what.  So for the next week I will be logging on and researching not just the set up of my blog but i’ll be hitting the web looking for explanations on how wordpress works.  If any of you have a good site that helped you figure this place out.  Let me know.  Post a response, send me an e-mail, go to facebook and join my JHM Project group to post on the wall, or just send up smoke signals.  I won’t understand them but I’ll drive towards em and you can tell me in person.   So We’ll see how this goes. 

Type ya later,

James McGill

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