Attempt #2

12 Apr

Ok, I just spent the last hour and a half surfing the freem themes here on  Many are quite interesting such as Toolbox, Sandbox, and of course twenty ten (the one that I was given when i first started).  But what caught my designers eye was Choco from CSSMayo.  It matches the theme of the purpose for my blog, which is to be a written documentation of my On-line portfolio.  The next step is setting up all the nick nacks and pattiwacks, then I’ll give the dog a bone…what the hell is dog doing in my house.  GIT!  GiT!.  I said GIT!  Anyway, If you know of another theme that is similar to this one and you think it will do me better,  post a comment and tell me about it.  Please supply a link so that I can go to it or make it real easy to find it. I’m a busy man with busy fingers.  I don’t what that means but it sounds really professional.  Anyway, tomorrow I’ll start telling the story of my Academic history and you’ll finally get to see some pictures.  YAY!!!. 

Type ya later,
James McGill

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