School is very distracting for the important things in life

27 Apr

Ok, I appolgoize to all you folks who are wondering why i haven’t been posting in the past week and a half. Well you see…Don’t tell anyone but I’m actually a secret agent and I just got back from a certain Middle “Direction on the Compass” and I just killed a dictator who was being a dick. No one’s saying anything because they don’t want the world to know yet that a pasty nerd was able to take out such a high profile target. But you know…

::Crickets chirp::

Ok, Fine. I didn’t do any of that stuff. I’ve been working on homework. School ends in two weeks and I have a huge final project I have to finish before a week from today. So I appologize that I haven’t been taking you down my memory lane like I promised. I promise that you will get a lot from me the week after school ends. Including a picture of my large collection of diplomas…well its only three. I guess it’s not large. But had i managed to get the other two degrees finished (Six Classes! That’s it. Ahh so close) then it would have been a large collection of degrees. 🙂

…Five counts as large right? Or am I overcomensating? You know…Funny story…A girl once said I was way overcompensating and needed to go home and get realistic. I wonder what she was talking about????

Anyway, i’ll see you guys next week I promise.

Type ya later,
james McGill

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