Let the Games Begin!!!!

23 May

OK. School is over…Again. I am now the proud owner of an AAS in Web Design. Now I have a lot of time and a lot of plans. So what should I do? Easy Answer: Finish this. So here is what is coming. Starting this week, I will be posting my academic history again and I will be showing how I’m coming up with my designs for my website. I am going to try and get some side jobs making websites so that I can add to my portfolio. I will also be working on a Photo comic book that will be my resume when I start applying for jobs at the New York Comic Book Convention in October. I will also be moving this blog over to an original website of my own design in the next month. So you folks have a lot to look forward too. Yesterday, I went to Anime Central and took pictures of many…many good looking…Costumes. 🙂 … :D. Ok Enough smiling. I will be working with these as well to create some photo albums that you would like to check out. I’ve got other plans as well but i’m going to keep some of it close to my chest. hehehehe. I have to make sure you guys keep coming back don’t I? See you in a day or two.

Type ya later,
James McGill

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