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I haven’t really been posting on here have I?  Well I there’s a reason for that…

OK gimme a sec here.  This isn’t exactly easy to say.

<Deep Breath><Long Exhale>

I live at home with my parents.


Now please note that is not the reason I haven’t posted.  Its a contributor to the main problem. Its also a good starting out point.  You see the one thing I’ve never really figured out is how to be comfortable in public situations.  I would like to thank my experiences in elementary school for putting that little nugget into my psyche.  So I never really figured out how to socialize.  Now you give me a goal to meet that will give me a foreseeable outcome and I’ll be fine.  When I go to conventions, go to classes, or go to my job, I can walk up to anyone and sweet talk them till they are my best friend.  But going out just to go out to converse with people I’ve never met is very difficult for me. I also have a small problem making friends with people i work with.  I become social with them and friendly, I’m really nervous that I’ll say something disastrous and working with them will not work.  So because of that, I have stayed at home where I feel safe.

Now you’re probably scratching your head and moving your cursor to that little ‘X’ button at the top right corner of your screen.  But here’s how all of that contributed to me not posting.  You see I just got home from seeing Captain America…Stop laughing.  I warned you guys at the beginning I was Comic book nerd.  Anyway, when I got out of the theater my mind was going again.  It was then I realized what I have been missing…Inspiration.

It’s very hard to be inspired when you live in the same surroundings you’ve lived all your life.  Nothing new, nothing to get the juices flowing.  No one new to give you new ideas.

Now When i got out of the movie and realized that I was inspired again, I thought back to when the last time was that I felt like this.  I realized that it was every time i was at or leaving a comic book convention or a really good movie.  Reason I know this is because I always write after these things.  I come up with more stories for my world, a new character, or I kick ass on a design project…which i denigrate later, with this blog, because I know I can do better.   But due to my current circumstances (both domestic and work related), that inspiration doesn’t last long.

Now I know what many of you are saying right now, <Ahem> “GO OUT AND HIT THE BARS!  MEET A WOMAN YOU JACK ASS!” <cough> Ouch, you guys yell too loud for my throat.  Maybe you should stop smoking or something.  😛

But in response I would say…you’re right.  I should.  Can you lend me a fifty?  I’m broke. I got a credit card but I’m trying desperately to get it paid off.  But i can safely say I am changing.  I’ve already got tickets to a concert in Chicago and I’m considering checking out a burlesque show around the same time.  I’ll be going somewhere for a whole week in September and I’m flying to new york in October for the New York comicon.  If you’re there say hi.  I’ll be wearing the brown fedora.  I am trying to get better. So hopefully I’ll be posting more of these.  So I apologize that I haven’t been as able to entertain you like I was hoping to be doing since April.

I would like to ask one thing.  Post responses if possible.  One thing that would help inspire me is to know that people, whether they are enjoying it or hating it, are reading it.  If I knew that, I would be inspired so much.

Well I’m off, got to work on my podcast and my on-line entertainment company…Oh yeah, I also got an internship to redesign a company’s web site.  I guess things are starting to look up…though my pocket book is probably not too happy that I decided to start buying comics again.  😀

type ya later,
James McGill


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One would think doing this would be easier

You know, after all the schooling the one thing they don’t teach you is how to come up with something when you have only yourself to work with or for.  True that you have all the projects you did while in school to show them what you can do.  But really, do they want to see something you came up with when you had two weeks and lots of time to do it.  I’m willing to bet no.  They are probably wanting to see what you can come up with on your own for a client.  Plus if you are chomping at the bit to start job hunting but you have no portfolio yet and a blog filled with personal reflections, status updates, and smart ass comments to rely on, you probably don’t have much to impress them with just yet.  So what does one do when they’ve hit a philosophical wall like this.  You keep moving.  You keep the ideas running and you don’t question it.  You figure out what you can make and you make it.  I can’t make 20 different websites for companies or individuals that don’t exist.  But I can make Fictional Companies for graphic design projects for an on-line portfolio.  That would be a start for an on-line web design portfolio.  I can also use my very expensive camera, that was purchased so that I could get a advanced certification in photography, and create new photos for a photography on-line portfolio.  Plus there is the chance that I can use people I know who need web sites and start making a name for myself when I go to the New York Comicon.

Oh I haven’t told you guys about the little plan I’ve got going have I.  I’m planning on making my first comic ever…after 15 years of designing a world and second guessing myself.  Well the second guessing is over.  YAY, I’m not insecure anymore…or am I?  😉

I’m going to be producing a Comic book resume.  I’m going to be making a comic book using my photographic and Graphic Design skills (Both of which i still need to finish the programs for. One of theses days). The first page following the cover will be a generic cover-letter on the inside of the cover and my resume on the first page.  Then the comic will follow and I will hand this out to comic book artists and writers as well as comic book companies with the hope of getting either some freelance work or a steady job that will allow me to leave the Big Box and actually start a career.  Ok that was a long run-on sentence.  Probably could split it into two, but I’ll leave it since this is a stream of conciousness entry.  Did I type that out loud.  Anyway back to topic.

I’ll tie the website to the comic.  But First I need some graphic design stuff for the comic.  Since it’s photography that means changing names of businesses and products so the companies don’t sue me later on.  So I guess where I need to start is figure out all the locations I’ll be shooting at and figure out what i need to create to replace with what’s actually there.  🙂  🙂 🙂

I have no idea where this energy is coming from but I like.  Can I quit my job now and just do this until I have a new job…No.  Damn it.  I still have a lot of bills to pay and a 10 year old car with over 200,000 miles on it that i need to keep running until I’m either debt free or have a new job that pays better.  Ok.  Time to go create.

Type ya later,
James McGill

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Attempt #2

Ok, I just spent the last hour and a half surfing the freem themes here on  Many are quite interesting such as Toolbox, Sandbox, and of course twenty ten (the one that I was given when i first started).  But what caught my designers eye was Choco from CSSMayo.  It matches the theme of the purpose for my blog, which is to be a written documentation of my On-line portfolio.  The next step is setting up all the nick nacks and pattiwacks, then I’ll give the dog a bone…what the hell is dog doing in my house.  GIT!  GiT!.  I said GIT!  Anyway, If you know of another theme that is similar to this one and you think it will do me better,  post a comment and tell me about it.  Please supply a link so that I can go to it or make it real easy to find it. I’m a busy man with busy fingers.  I don’t what that means but it sounds really professional.  Anyway, tomorrow I’ll start telling the story of my Academic history and you’ll finally get to see some pictures.  YAY!!!. 

Type ya later,
James McGill

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My question has been answered

Ok, I took me all weekend to find out the answer.  At the beginning of this weekend I started looking for a starting point that would allow me to created a custom theme for this blog.  I spoke to friends and I even asked for help on twitter.  They sent me to Youtube, various sites from a google search, and a few dark back alleys where i had to do things i wish to forget.  ::shutters::   They all got me to the same point.  PHP know-how.  Well I don’t know how and i don’t think I can learn php in six weeks.  I’m going to try but Its going to be hard.  However the question i had was “what is a good starting point that will allow me to do my blog well over the next six weeks (School ends, for a second time)?”  My answer came when I stopped in at Barnes and Noble on my lunch break.  I was browsing the Web Design section and found the Blogging for dummies book that explained how to use Blogger and WordPress.  I instantly turned to the chapter explaining WordPress and Found my answer.  Here it is:  Because I have my Blog on and not on a personal server or a server where i rent space, I cannot Upload custom themes.  So that means my starting point is going through wordpress’ free themes and choosing one that works for me.  Then using its customization settings to make it mine.  So for the following week my posts will be on the free themes here at WordPress and my ratings of the ones that would work for me.  I will also start a new Category called Academic history.  I will show the work that has actually survived the last six years due to neglect. (Hey i thought i wasn’t going to need them and the flash drive I kept the files on died on me two years ago, just before i realized I needed them.)  And yes I hear the dick heads off in the distance yelling “Hey, its called backing up your shit!”  I know and I’ve fixed it, but it doesn’t help telling me how much of an idiot I am.  it just creates bad feelings all around.  So With that said, I bid all you folks a fine adieu…um, that’s french for good bye…and I’ll see ya in a day or two.

Type ya later,
James McGill

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