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My question has been answered

Ok, I took me all weekend to find out the answer.  At the beginning of this weekend I started looking for a starting point that would allow me to created a custom theme for this blog.  I spoke to friends and I even asked for help on twitter.  They sent me to Youtube, various sites from a google search, and a few dark back alleys where i had to do things i wish to forget.  ::shutters::   They all got me to the same point.  PHP know-how.  Well I don’t know how and i don’t think I can learn php in six weeks.  I’m going to try but Its going to be hard.  However the question i had was “what is a good starting point that will allow me to do my blog well over the next six weeks (School ends, for a second time)?”  My answer came when I stopped in at Barnes and Noble on my lunch break.  I was browsing the Web Design section and found the Blogging for dummies book that explained how to use Blogger and WordPress.  I instantly turned to the chapter explaining WordPress and Found my answer.  Here it is:  Because I have my Blog on and not on a personal server or a server where i rent space, I cannot Upload custom themes.  So that means my starting point is going through wordpress’ free themes and choosing one that works for me.  Then using its customization settings to make it mine.  So for the following week my posts will be on the free themes here at WordPress and my ratings of the ones that would work for me.  I will also start a new Category called Academic history.  I will show the work that has actually survived the last six years due to neglect. (Hey i thought i wasn’t going to need them and the flash drive I kept the files on died on me two years ago, just before i realized I needed them.)  And yes I hear the dick heads off in the distance yelling “Hey, its called backing up your shit!”  I know and I’ve fixed it, but it doesn’t help telling me how much of an idiot I am.  it just creates bad feelings all around.  So With that said, I bid all you folks a fine adieu…um, that’s french for good bye…and I’ll see ya in a day or two.

Type ya later,
James McGill

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